Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Viral Bums

Sorry, couldn't resist that title! It seems that London's The Guardian newspaper has picked up the "no bums on BC Ferries" story, under the headline "Alexander the Great Novel Gets Bum Rap in Canada". To read Alison Flood's article for The Guardian, please click here.


edgo said...

"You can see the boy's bum in Raymond Briggs' The Snowman," says Euan. "And that's *for* kids."

Sara O'Leary said...

Thought I was logged in as me ... Euan doesn't actually speak about himself in the third person.
Realised there's a bare bum in WYWS too - wonder if we could get on the banned list.

Peter K said...

I understand BC Ferry's stance. Their job is to transport passengers from one terminal to another. It's not their job to judge the artistry of a book's cover to determine whether one cover has merit while another is just smut.

Far easier to have a blanket policy, no nudity, no exception, no thinking required. Far better to spend their energy on getting us from point A to point B without us getting wet.

Hopefully, they can now get the American cover. Better blood than bums. Poor little children.