Friday, August 13, 2010

Tyee Interview

"Though the novel is based firmly in history, Lyon makes departures that bring Aristotle's life into focus for modern readers. Her thoughtful, flowing prose links facts and carefully constructed fiction, and brings to life the corporeal, intellectual, and intangible aspects of life in the ancient world. The result is a novel that begs to be discussed."

To read Shannon Smart's full article for The Tyee, please click here.


andrea said...

I just read the Tyee article and agree with your take on the language issue -- and laughed that the BC Ferries won't stock it because of the cover! I'm about halfway through the novel and loving its intelligence. Looking forward to finishing it away from phones and the internet when we go on holiday soon!

Annabel Lyon said...

Thanks, Andrea! I hope you'll enjoy the rest of the book and your holiday too -


andrea said...

I just loved it and was sad to finish it. I see your cover issue has made quite an uproar. Excellent PR I'd say! (And I'd be happy to paint as many bare bums for you as future novels can hold. :))