Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hello America!

Here's the lovely American cover for The Sweet Girl.  Many thanks to my editor, Diana Coglianese, and everyone at Knopf US for all their hard work!

Daily Beast Article

Please click here to read my article "Who Was Aristotle's Daughter?" in The Daily Beast.  From the article:

"I didn’t want to write a fairy tale. I didn’t want to make Pythias into a historical-fiction princess, living a story of forbidden love in fancy dress and encouraging the reader to deplore the circumstances of her oppression from a comfortable moral distance. We’ve all read that novel too many times."

Boston Globe Review

From The Boston Globe's review of The Sweet Girl, by Kathryn Lang:

"This is an entertaining work, a plausible story full of raw gusto, leavened occasionally by a nod to Aristotle’s abstruse ideas. As Lyon portrays her, Pythias is not the “sweet girl” her father had called her, but resilient and resourceful — a survivor."

You can read the full review here.