Friday, February 12, 2010

Find a link to a podcast of my recent book club visit in Whistler at

•PART I: I give a synopsis of Aristotle's life and read from The Golden Mean
•PART II: I discuss my hypotheses that Aristotle was bipolar and Alexander suffered from post traumatic stress syndrome
•PART III: I talk about my upcoming book-the sequel to The Golden Mean


Christie Callan-Jones said...

I recently read the Golden Mean, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Engrossing and brought back many memories of studying Latin and Classics as a young girl. However, I am confused about one thing. On page 245 Herpyllis says to Aristotle, "You wouldn't have known me, but I remember you. I went to work for you mother after you left home, and she sent me to you when you were married". Yet, early in the book you write about how Aristotle's parents both died when he was a young boy at which point he went to Athens so study at the academy. I would greatly appreciate if you could clear this up.

Thanks so much.

Christie Callan-Jones

Annabel Lyon said...

Christie, thanks so much for your comment. The short answer is that this was a mistake! It's being corrected for the paperback. I only learned in the middle of writing the novel that Aristotle's parents died when he was still young, so that sentence was a fragment left over from an earlier draft. (An archeological fragment, if you will....) Thanks again for getting in touch, and for your kind words about the novel!