Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Ancient Bling

Bracelet of rock crystal with gold rams heads Greek part of the Ganymede Jewelry collection 330-300 BCE

From the Metropolitan Museum of Art's Greek and Roman collection:

"The pieces in this group are said to have been found together in Macedonia, near Thessaloniki, before 1913. The assemblage forms an impressive parure (matched set) - earrings, necklace, fibulae (pins), bracelets, and a ring - but it is not certain that they belong together, for the pieces do not show a clear uniformity of style....

The rock-crystal hoops of the bracelets (ca. 330-300 B.C.) have been carefully cut, carved, and polished to produce a twisted appearance, highlighted by wire bindings fitted into the valleys. The rams' heads emerge from long elaborate collars decorated with three friezes enclosed within bands of darts and bordered by plain beaded wire. The upper frieze, an ivy chain on a vine, is tied at the center with a Herakles knot and bears four bunches of grapes; the middle frieze has palmettes with pointed leaves; the third frieze, a palmette complex."

For more images and information, please click ganymede jewelry.


Joan Chang said...

I am just about to finish The Golden Mean and I read that you may do a sequel from the point of view of Little Pythias. I know you're not planning to finish this for years but I am already anticipating getting a first glimpse. I LOVE The Golden Mean, am waiting to read the last few pages because I don't want it to end. Please write the sequel!!! I know lots of other people would love to read it too!

Annabel Lyon said...

Joan, thanks so much for your kind words - I really appreciate this! All the best -