Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Governor General's Literary Awards

"Annabel Lyon’s The Golden Mean is a wise and subtle journey into the Court of Philip of Macedon, the mind of Aristotle and his complex relationship with his pupil, Alexander the Great. In this glorious balancing act of a book, Aristotle emerges as a man both brilliant and blind, immersed in life but terrified of living."

The Golden Mean has made the shortlist for the 2009 Governor General's Literary Awards! To see the full list, please click here.


Tim Mitchell said...

So many congratulations to give, Annabel! Best wishes for the exciting months ahead and for all the opportunities and adventures that will follow.

The Times Colonist today used the phrase "veteran fiction writers such as Alice Munro and Annabel Lyon." I thought that "veteran" might be a small delight among the others surrounding you today.

Your stories have made your writing talent obvious for years, but as I read the history of The Golden Mean's creation, it's your discipline I now admire most. As a dad, I flit between inspired and daunted.

It's wonderful to see your writing attract this attention and praise. Best of luck in the competitions and congratulations once again.

- Tim from PRISM international

P.S. Small side story: When I was a young undergrad, a professor gave me this exam question: "Is Aristotle still relevant to the modern world?" I decided the answer I wanted to defend was "no." Without exploring my arguments or the illuminating feedback I received, let me leave this tip for blossoming academics: the answer was "yes."

Annabel Lyon said...

Tim, thank you so much for this - you are most kind!