Saturday, October 17, 2009

Globe and Mail Profile

To read Marsha Lederman's profile of me in the Globe and Mail, please click here.


Anonymous said...


Who ever your publicist is, they should get a raise. You have been everywhere recently. And the press has been great. After seeing the Globe piece this morning, I thought I would google you to see what you were doing online. That is how I ended up here... but it seems this is just more publicity stuff. Are you writing anywhere else?

Best wishes this fall.

Annabel Lyon said...

If you look back to some of my earlier posts on the blog, there's less PR stuff and more about the writing of the novel. Other than that and a couple of recent reviews for the Globe and Mail (you can find them through their website,, I'm not writing much at the moment--too busy with teaching and promo. Thank you for your interest!