Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Welcome, French Readers!

Le juste milieu is now available in Quebec from Editions Alto and in France from Editions la Table Ronde. Bienvenue aux lecteurs francophones!


Rahul said...

Hello Annabel,

I'm so pleased to see on your blog that your wonderful book has been translated into so many other languages. Can you please tell me if it has been, or will be, translated into Greek? How can I purchase a copy? I recently spent a significant amount of time in Greece, and spoke at length about The Golden Mean, recommending that friends and relatives read it. Many of them are interested in reading it in their native Greek.

Thanks in advance for your response. And thank you for a very cool work of fiction.


Annabel Lyon said...

Hi Rahul,

Thanks so much for your kind words! The book has been sold to the Livanis Publishing Organization in Greece but I don't know when they expect to publish. I really appreciate you letting people know about the novel! All the best to you and yours -