Saturday, March 6, 2010


Anyone interested in further reading on Aristotle could start with Aristotle: A Very Short Introduction, by Jonathan Barnes (brother of Julian, of Flaubert's Parrot fame). Here's a taste:

"Of Aristotle's character and personality little is known. He came from a rich family. He was allegedly a dandy, wearing rings on his fingers and cutting his hair fashionably short. He suffered from poor digestion, and is said to have been spindle-shanked. He was a good speaker, lucid in his lectures, persuasive in conversation; and he had a mordant wit. His enemies, who were numerous, accused him of arrogance. His will, which has survived, is a generous document. His philosophical writings are impersonal; but they suggest that he prized both friendship and self-sufficiency, and that, while conscious of his place in an honourable tradition, he was properly proud of his own attainments. As a man, he was, perhaps, admirable rather than amiable."

To learn more about Aristotle: A Very Short Introduction, please click here.

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