Friday, December 18, 2009

Globe and Mail Arts Person of the Year: And The Runner-Up Is....

"Lyon is no mouse, and her roar will not soon subside."

The Globe and Mail names me a runner-up for Arts Person of the Year (books)! Though a more deserving literary lioness would be Random House's editor extraordinaire Anne Collins, who edited both The Golden Mean and Linden MacIntyre's Giller-winning The Bishop's Man.

Other runners-up are Jason Reitman (film), Guy Laliberte (performance), and Christopher Plummer (film). The winner is hip-hop artist Drake. Congratulations!

To read John Barber's article, please click here.

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Lesley Watts said...


My name is Lesley Watts, and I am an English instructor at North Island College on Vancouver Island. I am trying to contact Annabel in my capacity as a member of NIC Reads, a college-based reading club that encompasses all campuses and satellite centres served by the college community. This year, just before the Christmas break, the committee selected The Golden Mean as the novel to read and discuss.

I am writing to see if Annabel is interested and available to come to the Courtenay campus to do a reading and lead a discussion - we would pay all expenses associated with the trip. Last year, Stephen Galloway, the author of The Cellist of Sarajevo, came up and performed a very well-received reading (plus sold a lot of books!). Annabel, can you please contact me at so that we can discuss this possibility? Thank you.

Lesley Watts