Monday, September 21, 2009

Giller Longlist

The Golden Mean makes the Giller longlist! To see the complete list, click here.


Julian Porter said...

A stunning book!

Pure poetry. A vivid description of Macedonia, its beauty, its military prowess and its innate roughness.

A picture of a time. A portrait of Aristotle and his relationship with King Philip of Macedon and the young Alexander the Great.

Julian Porter

Annabel Lyon said...

Thanks, Julian! I'm glad you enjoyed it.

Sara O'Leary said...

This is such good news - wishing you & your book a long and happy life together.

Annabel Lyon said...

Thanks, Sara!

Unknown said...

Congratulations Annabel! I'm looking forward to reading your book, I'm getting a copy today.
We got some good pictures from the shoot. You'll see one in the upcoming VR and I can send you a selection if you're interested.

millar prescott said...

Congratulations, Annabel.

I saw the interview today on BCTV. I am dying to buy the book.

@Janet - Where are you getting your copy? I looked online at chapters and it's a 2-3 week order.

Annabel Lyon said...

Thanks, Janet - I'm dying to see the picture! I'll be in touch -

Annabel Lyon said...

Millar, thank you - I do hope you'll enjoy the novel. Not sure about the on-line, but Chapters on Robson had copies in-store a couple of days ago.

Unknown said...

Saw your photo in the Globe and Mail for the Giller longlist. Congratulations!
I look forward to reading your book. I'll see if I can buy it this weekend (I'm living in Toronto now, so maybe I'll find it?). Besides, I'm a fan of Aristotle and the golden mean...
Best wishes,
Dhavide Aruliah

Annabel Lyon said...

Dhavide, it's great to hear from you! Hope all is well with you and the family. Hope you'll like the book.

Unknown said...

@miller—I found a copy at
Pulp Fiction on Main Street.
2422 Main Street

They can order in a copy. It takes one to two days.

When I checked at Chapters on line they had copies in the store at the Broadway and Granville branch and at Robson and Howe.

Annabel Lyon said...

Thank you, janbax! People's Co-op Bookstore on the Drive should have a few signed copies too (leftover from yesterday at WOTS).