Tuesday, April 21, 2009


This performance is by the Australian group Melismos (Michael Atherton, Philip South & Mina Kaniridis), which specializes in recreating ancient Greek music. Atherton plays the 7-string lyre (kithara). For more, visit Atherton's MySpace page.

The music is an Invocation to the Muse. Translation: 'Sing for me, dear Muse, begin my tuneful strain; a breeze blow from your groves to stir my listless brain' and 'Skillful Calliope, leader of the delightful Muses, and you, skillful priest of our rites, son of Leto, Healer-god (paean) of Delos, be at my side' (J. G. Landels).

Hang on for a haunting ending on the frame drum.

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